Chappelle’s Show – Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories – Rick James Pt. 1 – Uncensored

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Eddie Murphy’s brother Charlie tells the tale of Rick James, an habitual line-stepper.

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24 Responses

  1. QewBeats says:

    I envy the live audience so much . They don't know how rare this kind of comedy is…

  2. BIGGSHAUN says:

    Every time I hear the song “Cold Blooded” I cant help but think of this skit

  3. Erik Avendano says:

    Hold my drink bitch!!


    Damn that Red bone

  5. Thomas Calvin says:

    He should of made a video of Rick James. Marry Jane.

  6. Amanda Moore says:

    Who sings the song win it comes on it says"im rick james bitch…?

  7. Blackout Daimo says:

    Yo watching this deadass makes me sad…they both dead…RIP damnit

  8. Zaph Kiel says:

    lmao "Mad Nigrish" sounds like a shakespeare villian

  9. Ryan Johnson says:

    Jan 4 2019 and still funny

  10. Roland Campos says:

    Hah-hahahaha-Hah!!! I'M RICK JAMES BITCH!!

  11. J Shepard says:

    Have sex with Charlie Murphy!

  12. Renan Moyano says:

    That sketch was the origin of two great memes, cocaine's a hell of a drug and nice place nigga, rip charlie and rick

  13. caleb pool says:

    What's he gonna do slap me back I'm Rick James he's Charlie Murphy

  14. Ricky N says:

    The fact that Charlie actually kicked the shit outta Rick is fucking hilarious. Not just the visual of Dave going through a table but also an image of a real life Rick James going through a table

  15. criticallyashamed2 says:

    "That was coldbloodeeeeddd!"

  16. Rick James says:

    I’m Rick James Bitch!

  17. ssescoe83 says:


  18. 고등 지능 ODINS trash says:

    Rick James BITCH!

  19. Dr. Evil says:


  20. Mike Sawchyn says:


  21. Thunder Eagle 24 This says:

    Charlie was one most underrated comedians ever. RIP

  22. Andrew Forte says:

    Rick James and Wayne Brady two of the greatest comedy skits of all time.

  23. Sw1zT1m3 says:

    RIP Rick James & Charlie Murphy

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