Car clocked at 230 km/h chased down by Ontario police helicopter

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Durham regional police have released video of a dramatic high-speed chase in which a sports car was clocked at speeds as high as 230 km/h on the eastbound Highway 401 near Oshawa on Jan. 27.

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19 Responses

  1. Depressed Andy says:

    Its not fair he should be given a helicopter too to make it equal. #CriminalLivesMatter

  2. Depressed Andy says:

    Man i was hoping hed get away

  3. Danny says:

    This guy was a criminal. I guess that's why they were chasing him.
    And the speed limits are just for countries where most people are not trained to drive in high speeds… USA, CANADA, SOUTH AMERICA, ETC.
    If you were in Germany, that speed it's just a normal average speed in the autobahn.

  4. Brian Jacobsen says:

    Would be nice to have a SAM in the trunk.

  5. Felix B says:

    German here, I don't understand the Fuzz^^ 230 is a reasonable (and safe if you know what you're doing) Cruising Speed if you don't mind the fuel cost.

  6. Christian Sinner says:

    Me racing home to poop !!!!

  7. Charlie Cray says:

    I thought u guys did miles, what are you doing to me

  8. MemoriesDestroyUs says:

    canadian ac130 lol

  9. Guess Who says:

    Oh come on, even trailer trucks drive 120-140 there at 4am or after 10pm, we all drive 140-160 there. Nothing new, he didn’t bump on anything, did he? Why wasted money to pursue that guy, could’ve just taken the license and knock his house the next day

  10. Rob L says:

    It’s a mustang not a camaro LOL

  11. Laughlin McNeil says:


  12. Laughlin McNeil says:

    I was hopeful He'd get away from em!!

  13. Raven Moore says:

    I thought it was Trailer Park Boys for a second

  14. Robert Drake says:

    Big deal. They do this on the autobahn every day. We're totally wimps in Canada, even the American's drive faster.

  15. derkgts10 says:

    I'm fairly certain he was running from the police the entire video, and not just speeding.

  16. DanielDaniel1 says:

    Lol as if 230 is even a light jog for police choppers.

  17. Kirk Wilson says:

    I find it funny how they dont say anything about charges or why he ran…..WHY!?!?!?!? Did he steal the car? Did he just rob a bank? Like Hello, waste of my time watching this stupid video…Thx RCMP and Global News!

  18. annoythefish says:

    ive been that fast on the freeway when I was younger its not that fast (140 mph)

  19. Fahad M says:

    As a Canadian I feel sad that all this money is wasted on catching a guy speeding. There’s no harm in speeding when there’s no one on the highway. In Autobahn (highway) in Germany you can drive as fast as you want! Even after getting completely destroyed in world war 2, Germany is still ahead than all the allies, what a shame for us.

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