Building an RC Speed boat

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Building an RC speed boat with balsa wood and carboard.

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  1. Breanna Louisa says:

    Thanks for the quick service, the plans arrived yesterday. I have just about finishing a boat when they came with an idea on how to finish up, and they gave me a few lessons in boat building! [Check Details Here==> ] Thanks to them!

  2. Adam10000ad 1 says:

    Is it made of carboad

  3. NPMedia says:

    make it brushless

  4. eddyedwards77 says:

    You should have put some fishing nets on the transum cuz that thing moves slower then a tug, talking of tugs it's wank pmpl

  5. BiBa Butzemann says:

    nice work man!!!!

  6. skullboi madsin says:


  7. An Ton says:

    how to make it remote controlled?

  8. neightn says:

    a stampede motor

  9. snowmancg says:

    what type of motor did you use

  10. neightn says:

    about 12 inches

  11. unknown person says: about the width of this RC boat??

  12. neightn says:

    the 2 pieces are about 30 inches long. The middle piece is about 25 inches

  13. unknown person says:

    hello..may i know what's the length and width of this RC boat??i mean the length of the first two cardboard that you cut and the cardboard that is use to hold the two cardboard.

  14. some thing sosa says:

    well kinda all el motors run under water but its not good and your ps3 motors are too weak sorry

  15. neightn says:

    about a week

  16. neightn says:

    about a week.

  17. gossipgoatsx says:

    @Neightn: How long did it take you (approximately) to make the entire thing?

  18. gossipgoatsx says:

    how long did it take you

  19. neightn says:

    No motors. The motor goes inside the boat, and the motor shaft goes from the motor, to the outside of the boat and onto the prop

  20. Matthew Whalley says:

    what kind of motors are able to run underwater? i am using two motors from my ps3 controller, will this work?

  21. neightn says:

    I guess so. As long as its strong

  22. Mr. Feratu says:

    could i use varnish insted of fiber glass resin?

  23. Mr. Feratu says:

    like it 🙂
    i even made one

  24. Locky Gardner says:

    Can you please make a video with all the demenchions in it, and also step by step.

  25. Frederick Barry says:

    what did u do to hold up the pieces of cardboard for the bottom

  26. Frederick Barry says:


    am making one right now

  27. neightn says:

    drive shaft: the rod that connects the motor to the propellor
    antenna: (aka) reciever, is the radio control system making it remote controlled

  28. neightn says:

    bearings and a slightly larger shaft on the outside of the drive shaft

  29. neightn says:

    bearings and a slightly larger shaft on the outside of the drive shaft

  30. neightn says:

    bearings and a slightly larger shaft on the outside of the drive shaft

  31. RCTutz says:

    A drive shaft is basically a tube connecting the motor to the propellor.
    The antenna is usually a wire which will come with your transmitter and receiver set.
    The receiver receives everything the transmitter transmitts.
    It makes the servos move on your command.
    If you dont know what these things are, then I am not really sure if you are ready to drive/fly rc models yet.

  32. mohammed raisi says:

    Ty, can u make a tutorial soon please if u can =)

  33. neightn says:

    the shaft is the drive shaft, the antena & reciever is all the electronics that make it 'remote controlled' and to make/install those, I dont have a tutorial right now

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