Build a Boat SPRING WHEEL ( 6000 GOLD PER HOUR!!! )

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YOOOO In todays video I show of a way to get to the end SUUPER FAST



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30 Responses

  1. George Mattingly says:


  2. Gian Carlo Principio says:

    Finally the owner finally updated the game so if u use a wheel you can get the gold block and 100+ gold because i reach the end using my own wheel but when i touched the treasure chest i died

  3. Rebecca Davis says:

    tell a tutoriol how tto build

  4. Mr WolfBoy says:

    How I build it show me 🙂

  5. Ilya Zharkov says:

    i make 41000 gold every hour not 6000 gold XD (edit you need to have no lag to make that much gold an hour)

  6. Jiesen Li says:

    I made the build but my problem is that i always die cuz of the shark level.

  7. Rig by says:

    Thx this helped me Alot like ALOT oh yeah and I made it

  8. choo choo channel says:

    I love your videos jester

  9. Geir koppangen says:

    Freind me at roblox my username is:killermoonred666 and AS me no disc

  10. Geir koppangen says:

    I marked a thing that tales 10sec and Your at the END

  11. Poyi Chan says:

    Hey Jesse can you get me can you give me 14 to Lola

  12. Flip Flock says:

    Make some small version of that 😀

  13. rock prime8 says:

    OMG that was crazy!

  14. gertjeoop says:

    can you make pls a turtorial how to make it

  15. Amra Malkic says:

    I bye robux

  16. Đạo Vũ Hoàng says:

    Hey jesse where znac

  17. Jarvis Wang says:

    you got yourself a new subscriber boi and it’s me

  18. Jarvis Wang says:


  19. Jarvis Wang says:

    Make a tutorial for building

  20. Kyler Whitman says:

    Your have the best vids keep up the good work

  21. Kiper says:


  22. BaconBot28 says:

    Why are you a girl?

  23. Lucian Inguanzo says:

    Do a tutorial on how to make this

  24. Tuong Phan says:

    My question is: how much gold per MINUTE

  25. Benjamineke says:

    So cooooooooooooooooooooooollll

  26. Fabrizio Liuzzi says:

    Jesse u are my favorite Youtuber , i love your videos

  27. Super Drawer says:

    U ar da best

  28. ZombieBM says:

    Is there a poor mans version of this?

  29. Heidi Anderson says:

    Omg that insane!!!

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