Brabham BT62 (Start up, Accelerations, Fly-bys)

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The Brabham BT62 manufactured in Adelaide made its way down the road to the Adelaide Motorsport Festival this year and it did not disappoint, powered by a Naturally Aspirated 5.4L V8 it makes a beautiful sound on/off the throttle and when rifling through the gears. The car was piloted by David Brabham.

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7 Responses

  1. 19Bozzy92 says:

    Fantastic video dude! I'm really in love with this car. Nice to see it with that colour/livery too

  2. Ameya Pradhan says:

    What a fantastic car!

  3. Derek K says:

    it's a modified Ford Coyote based engine . it's a 5.4 Dohc engine that makes 700hp on E85 fuel

  4. shsh8879 h says:

    Sounds ferocious like a NA V8 should. Wonderful!

  5. WarShrike says:

    Anybody know what dash setup they're running? The built in rearview is a nice feature.

  6. Geoff says:

    is that a ford block?

  7. Constantinos Mallios says:

    When Racing Line Australia posts better footage of the BT62 than Brabham.

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