Bonneville 71 Short Film | NASCAR RACE HUB

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‘Bonneville 71′ tells the story of Harry Hyde, Bobby Isaac and the Dodge Daytona that set records at the Bonneville Salt Flats after being banned in NASCAR.

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36 Responses

  1. Phillip Lopez says:

    " there was a time "

  2. Paul Patton says:

    Thank you for this amazing piece of history!

  3. Chris Cain says:

    Ironic that NASCAR didn't like the Superbird and Daytona because they weren't like street cars, even tho they actually were. Today if you took the MFG decals off the cars I don't think you could tell one from the other. Same goes for NHRA. When was the last time a Funny Car or Pro Stocker actually looked like the car they are supposed to be?

  4. Dale Groves says:

    Greatness last a lifetime. Love what you did and Harry what a character. I have an old speedway car, Bonneville sounds good to me…

  5. Tim Hallas says:

    Do you know the real reason that NASCAR outlawed the Dodge Daytona? Ford and Chevrolet didn't want to spend the money to compete with Chrysler, and they both threatened to pull out of NASCAR racing unless that car was removed. I still remember seeing a street legal version of that car on the track as the pace-car for the Daytona 500 one year, and thinking wouldn't it be funny if, instead of pulling off, the driver just pulled away from the pack and lapped them all. In pre-race testing, the pace-car did an average lap time that was almost 3 seconds faster than the number one qualifier.

  6. R C Towse says:

    Cool dude

  7. J T SMITH says:

    Eat your heart out chevy and ford

  8. BWE Wrestling And Racing says:

    14:29 the music makes it like it could go 250 mph

  9. Racer D says:

    This is what true passion is all about, I think that Hot Rodders really know the true meaning of freedom. The freedom to be and do as you please. Only in America do we have this freedom and what a better place to find it but at bonneville . God Bless America

  10. Jamie Smith says:

    That's freaking AWSOME!!!

  11. kikngas1 says:

    You are all legends! Keep telling the story!!!

  12. 2PACMightyVids , says:

    I need a 1970 charger

  13. whatadollslife says:

    any flat earthers here?

  14. Craig Pennington says:

    EPA will soon rule out all forms of motor sports given the chance. Think about that very hard because it's coming soon to a life near yours.

  15. Craig Pennington says:

    Those cars are a lot better to watch than this trash they're running today. All cars back then had class and style.

  16. Marshall Adair says:

    NASCAR watch this video (racing is not football with play offs) This was a sport for the average american. Were anybody with the guts and skill could drive factory built cars from their favorite brands. I strongly disagree with the way NASCAR portrays itself today. Now the cars are cookie cut with the same engine same h.p. They are nothing more than a over powerd go cart covered in stickers. I mean they can't even get out of there own way ( watch NASCAR on tv and you'll see) they group together like a swarm of bees. Back when the Daytona s and Superbirds ruled even before that the differences in power , weight, brand , and driving style spread the field apart and made it entertaing not only for the fans but the team's. Also the paint schemes in the 70's were beautiful and simple. I mean why do you think NASCAR does throw back week each year now? it makes money cause people who remember the old NASCAR and Grand National series like it. This was a rant but i hope others feel the same.

  17. HODIUSDUDE says:

    Great video! Love the vintage radio interview with Bobby at the start.

  18. Larry Monske says:

    What a treasure to have 45 years experience with this car.
    Richard Petty drove one too I love that guy.

  19. The First Performance says:

    Muscle always wins

  20. Mason Motorsports Gaming says:

    NASCAR needs to get rid of restrictor plates and stuff and make stock cars stock

  21. Brian Orfant says:

    Those cars were awesome machines and so were the teams and drivers. It would be great if NASCAR had a vintage class that ran those beautiful aero worriers again. I'd pay to see them!

  22. todd windyhill says:

    Thanks to Nord, Teddy, and Twilla…all VIP's…28 world records for stock car….some still stand…September 1971.

  23. bruce hazelton says:

    Does anybody know if Tommy Johnson is still in the Bowling Green area?

  24. Matt Chaffe says:

    That's a pretty cool story, that I have never in my life heard of before. I guess I now have my explanation for why NASCAR got rid of the wing.

  25. Mark Lewis says:

    Thanks to all involved who put together this amazing production….a view of when racers were just plan folk…going fast and enjoying what they did.

  26. Gary Grimm says:

    Great film and history of a famous car, driver bobby Isaac, and Harry Hyde.
    Harry was a real gem of a guy…love to hear him talk….sounds just like Dale Sr!!
    Gary Karl

  27. Pidgeot says:

    so glad they put this on youtube

  28. Felix Magut says:

    wow nice car

  29. Gator Jeaux says:

    That was such a beautiful machine.

  30. Thenitroviper says:

    Nascar aught to make it a rule that the cars use a stock chassis, with stock suspension geometry, with a stock engine platform, and the h-pattern manual. The can add the aero stuff and tires and better suspension, etc.

  31. Tony Liu says:

    "Back then, you had to have a lot of ball room" No wonder why people back then truly got big balls to do crazy stuffs.

  32. alexander1485 says:

    if someone dislikes this, they should commit suicide.

  33. Shredxcam22 says:

    Bring back the stock cars

  34. Raptorking18 says:

    I feel like NASCAR should being back the number 71 one last time.

  35. Eduardo Her says:

    to nascar

  36. Eduardo Her says:

    when is Dodge coming back

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