BIG RC Helicopter with 180-360 Rotating Cam

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I went to RC Club Els Cars to videorecord some RC planes and I found this guy training with his big bird. His website is:

If you want to see his footage taken from the aboard cam, go to their website.

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  1. kadmow says:

    I know this has been around for a while…

    Nice to see someone having fun…

    Lots if misinformation in the comments!

    UAV is ANY aircraft which doesn't have a person onboard, USED for Commercial-Professional/Government agency, work.

    As the USA doesn't allow civilian commercial "UAV's" in general untill 2015, all craft of this type in the USA (in general, ie. some institutions do have permission to use "commercially/professionally" ) are actually Just RC models  (strictly for hobby and sport use – legally)

    This setup kinda goes a fair way PAST FPV (First person view) with the ability to put a high quality camera onboard  (For this type of flying (when the distances become further away) it is handy to have a dedicated FPV camera for the pilot, as well as a "low quality" camera for filmographer, and leave the high quality video to be recorded onboard.)..

    ALSO, FPV is just a small part of the RC world, ie if it is FPV is is still RC (Radio controlled)

    SO people, don't get caught up by calling all RC aircraft UAV/Drone/ etc, because if they are used for non-profit they aren't, they are "just" radio controlled model aircraft (ie toys).

    Don't flame me, I fly 1/4 scale RC aircraft, and some have got the ability to fly with total autonomy (it is easy and cheap to play with autonomy these days)  but it doesn't change the fact that they AREN'T DRONES, or UAV's unless they are commercial, and you need all sorts of licencing for that in every country (if it is actually permitted).

    NOTE that all "Autonomous" Commercial (or military) UAV's are still Radio Controlled (RC), the radios may be satellite links, but still there is always the ability for operator control (Hello even RADAR controlled missiles are "RC"  (but not UAV's as they are non-reusable weapons)

    (except for the type of missions which don't get approved [for aircraft which don't exist] where there is no ability of operator input, and the mission is fully autonomous from start to finish..)  NB. if this level of security is used, the system also can't use GPS, as it can be spoofed, so it needs high level IMU/magnetometer navigation augmented by video terrain following and stellar navigation..  
    (not sure that navigation package has been completely sorted out yet)  
    That level of autonomy, YOU/ME can't afford, actually you couldn't afford the GPS or "simple" IMU on such a craft

    It is fairly rare in al forms of automation to have any automated system where there isn't the ability for a human operator to take control or hit the kill switch.

  2. c6rocks says:

    I'm sure like everyone else, I just clicked this to hear what song might be playing.

  3. Zion Theodoropoulos says:


  4. cooli0 says:

    Dear Santa,

  5. Gmail Account says:

    How high can that fly with the camera?

  6. thinchrisful says:

    what is UAV?

  7. engels1978 says:

    only if You install minigun instaed of camera 😉

  8. AceofSpades says:


  9. mrvilsonborges borges says:

    este aparelho nao ganha altura?

  10. Mister Muffinz says:

    DA FUQ! thats not a rc…… ITS RUSSIAN!!! lol jk

  11. TheBeatSmith says:

    Anyone know where you can get landing gear like that….

  12. Leather Helmet says:

    Can live without the weird music, heli was cool though..

  13. code Guy says:

    "and this is how i protect my virginity"

  14. rhampton1914 says:


  15. MrComatoast22 says:

    @Dxxchrisable They have R/C UAV's. I don't know,but I can't understand why 55 people liked this statement.

  16. socaliguy81 says:

    All that and no footage from the heli-cam? Lame!

  17. cedric valencia says:

    noaw all it need is a machine gun and u got ur self a chpper gunner

  18. Latisha Hilson says:

    what song is that i love it

  19. nitrorcfreak100 says:


    first,I think these are great helicopter's i think BUT the trex 700 is the best. I liked and I loved all of your vidoes so I had to subscribe.

  20. Alex Com says:

    Hello my friend.
    What helicopter would you advise to use for shooting Professional Video?

  21. Vicente Toledo says:

    Where is the taken video????

  22. Restarea11019V says:

    this will be the next thing for sport events

  23. jonty kilpatrick says:

    @Bickso Difficult to follow a target and then fly backwards whilst keeping a lock on It's much better the cameraman doing the follow pan and stay locked on maybe?

  24. McJean says:

    @xXxBigTimeChrisxXx Cod xD

  25. Pa horror says:

    Our UAV is online.

  26. Alal Telal says:

    no point, the cam has an axis, its called the rotor shaft. i want live stream to a tablet. thats what i want.

  27. rent2damhigh says:

    pretty aerodynamic

  28. 420choky says:


  29. MoonConquest says:

    you should t0 show the video FROM the HC's camera..

  30. MrBlzbla says:


  31. Jose Batista says:

    vou comprar um para eu, tenho 60 anos.

  32. Isaiah Price says:

    music rockin

  33. MrMakochon says:

    that looks really heavy

  34. MrComatoast22 says:

    The best job in the world! I would love to do something like that! I just got a 120sr and I am loving it, but I need to get one of those!

  35. TheBeatSmith says:

    Wow….can you buy a cam mount like that for 450 or 500 size heli?

  36. elhan says:

    I need wireless camera.. anyone can help ..please PM …

  37. Alxxts says:

    Perhaps the army back like that uav

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