Best Trick Tom Van Steenbergen POV | Red Bull Rampage 2018

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▶︎Relive the action from Red Bull Rampage 2018:
Red Bull Rampage’s “Best Trick” was awarded to Tom Van Steenbergen. Steenbergen delivered massive backflips and a clean 360 on this epic 2018 Rampage run.

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18 Responses

  1. Shane Matthew says:

    Absolutely incredible

  2. Michael Stewart says:

    Love how he yeets his bike off that last little lip and immediately goes to make sure it's ok

  3. Ilham the inspiration says:

    Where is this hills please ?

  4. Hen D says:

    has anyone remembered his caveman from last year

  5. Luis Lozano says:

    freaking gopro makse it look so easy!!! gnarly run dude!

  6. Rocky Butler says:

    I got a Walmart bike can I come over and ride…

  7. Bruno Bittencourt says:


  8. Joe Sciano says:

    Was I the only one who heard steezeburger instead of steenbergen @ 0:02 in?

  9. Cal says:


  10. MissingLink MTB says:

    Excellent event! Always look forward to it.

  11. Moon Beef says:

    Did he say steez burger?

  12. David Rich says:

    Zink did it

  13. Luke 10 says:

    Pls do Brandon semenuk pov

  14. Fernando Ortega says:

    Please Upload Andreu Lacondeguy POV!!

  15. mozzy mike says:

    That bike got yeeted

  16. One Two says:

    Adolf did nothing wrong

  17. Bastian Olate says:

    Me gustaria andar en esa pista osea onde ando el

  18. Mark Z U C C says:

    Without Redbull he could not have done this

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