ATLAS – Ship Building and Heavy Armor Speed Testing – Now we’re REAL Pirates! E4

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ATLAS – We’re crafting up some of the Knightly Plate Armor and Testing out some of the Pros and Cons when it comes to wearing a full set! We also build our first fully fledged Pirate Ship and prepare it to sail to the nearest island!

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33 Responses

  1. Michelle D. says:

    Wait. Pooping in this game too? Why is this such a thing with Wildcard 🙁

  2. Baxters Buddy says:

    Is there a bird stuck in your Forge???

  3. Ephapax Gaming Channel says:


  4. John Ritchie says:

    now you are "STEEL PIRATES" or "STEAL PIRATES"

  5. Movement SGGaming says:

    This game looks really good but it’s got really bad reviews

  6. alloyed bunker says:

    I'm so confused the last one I watched was uploaded an hour ago and they already lost the ss tricked out Honda civic and were going to make a brig tf

  7. bookfighterdzd says:

    I like how you play the game it looks fun!

  8. Kenneth Thysbjerg Jensen says:

    I love the excitement 🙂 try holding Ctrl we you have your compass up 😉

  9. Mikey Collins says:


  10. Joel Pena says:

    Like like like like … really really really good stuff here .

  11. Jackson GamingHD says:

    Sir it called bolkhead lol not walls on ships

  12. Blade51 says:


  13. wg wg says:

    Love your videos really makes my days.. Plz do more and longer

  14. Travis Middleton says:

    can you do I video that explain the cooking system

  15. Caleb Jackson says:

    Is this like official?

  16. Aceix says:

    This game is horrible, but u make it better

  17. Jenny Hinyub says:


  18. Inkd Reaper says:

    Pights of the Caribbean

  19. ISIAH powner says:

    We need raids!!

  20. brutalbeast69 says:

    i find it funny your talking about hitting the sickle hard , challenge to nerd parade… official gathering rates and server

  21. BannedForSkills3 says:

    Name your ship the U.S.S Half Assed

  22. SkEeZ says:

    I'm sorry nick, I usually watch all your content as i enjoy your persona. However i'm ceasing to watch the atlas series out of protest to how much of a crappy ark mod this excuse of a game is.

  23. Philippe Garcia says:

    I enjoy your videos a lot. Wished they were longer. Keep 'em coming!

  24. Cameron Santana says:

    I want more videos

  25. Rasmus Hansen says:

    Hey Nick

    Let me start saying that i love ur content, but i dont understand why u are hyping and prasing a game like this, its a scam and i dont think they will fix it – just like all the other games they have released.

    I think ppl shouldnt buy or support the game before they aleast make it that game, they say it should be, correct me if im wrong….

    And let me finish saying (again) that its a hate to the game and NOT the player ❤❤

  26. ButchGremlin says:

    where is the skill to build metal armor?

  27. King NightWolf5022 says:

    Plz do some ark mobile join the moschops server we need you so bad you like raiding and we know just the people for you to raid

  28. Dibs H says:

    Is this ark

  29. Christopher Robbins says:

    Dam the more I watch these videos makes me want to buy the game myself. I'll have to do it after the deployments and my new born son. Well keep it up and good luck and cant wait to see more of the videos out there nick keep it up.

  30. Jack Swift says:

    Name the Ship Half Assed

  31. Charlie Goodall says:

    the knights of the whatsit sea

  32. Martez Robinson says:

    This good too but I’m sure you’re gonna do some more ark two men raid base stuff

  33. Leprechaun Leprechaun says:

    I love the base layout and Nick you have to show the whole ship building process please and thank you for the great videos keep them coming

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