Assetto Corsa – The FASTEST Car In Sim Racing vs The Nordschleife

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NOTHING can prepare you for the speed of this thing.

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35 Responses

  1. Phyr0x says:

    Jimmys previous lap times:

    RedBull X2010: 4:00.788
    F2004: 5:10.299
    2017 F1: 5:11.610
    LMP1: 5:47.049
    V10 Van: 6:05.518
    962C: 6:26.165
    Formula E: 7:34.289

  2. Boonamai says:

    I own Assetto Corsa. I own an Oculus rift. I have weed. This is gonna be a fun evening ;D

  3. TheDark Whisper says:

    I fucking hate this car in Gran Turismo 5. It is fast af but the challenge is too hard for me. Plus idk how to drive using the joystick. And i suck

  4. Bryan Plonk says:

    It actually looked fast forwarded

  5. William McIntyre says:

    DJS needs to do a "don't brake trust me" with this beast

  6. PEPEEE02 says:

    watch at 0.75 it looks normal 😀

  7. Martin Sloan says:

    That was insane, my heart was in my mouth, and all the other superlatives multiplied together. Great vid.

  8. Катя Лищина says:

    Maybe in 50 years Formula 1 will be that fast.

  9. Spaguette Lasagne says:

    Watching this at 0.25 speed and I can't stop laughing

  10. xthePiManx says:

    its 2019 and you need to try for a sub 4:00 min lap!!!!

  11. Kristian Kasmuller says:

    Its originally from gran turismo
    In GT6 you have
    X2014 junior
    X2014 standard
    X2014 Fancar

  12. AssumedBasher says:

    Can you get this car on Xbox ?

  13. Thomas McGarry says:

    This thing is so fast I looks like the video is on x2 speed

  14. Tyman101 says:

    Watch the video at 0.75x speed it look like a normal lap and it sounds like he is drunk as a bonus

  15. TracktypeTech says:

    it looks like its on rails that are sucking it to the ground and it also looks like it defeats physics, I nearly threw up while watching because it was so mindboggling

  16. Christian Stoianov says:

    I love Maggie.

  17. SeagoingJet says:

    Who's faster ?, Red Bull X one or SRT Tomahawk X ?

  18. sadman hoque says:

    shame how FIA banned so many cool stuff like the fan, double chassis downforce thingy, CVTs, self-adjusting suspension…

  19. naufal thirafi says:

    It's more like time machine rather than a racecar

  20. LETZ VISIT says:

    What a drive jimmy

  21. The Inquisitor says:

    F1 2050

  22. kevin ostrich says:

    Man, shut up, pls

  23. k4muk3nu says:

    I had no idea I am capable of holding my breath for four minutes seven.

  24. Khazar01 says:

    try the F-Zero Blue Falcon 🙂

  25. Brian East says:

    Just a measly 193.4mph (311.25km/h) average for the lap. Absolute insanity. No way that could be done in real life

  26. Miia says:

    Obviously you have to bring the SRT Tomahawk around the Nordschleife Jimmy. that'll dethrone the x2010

  27. TheOtherGTGeek says:

    Don't show him the X2011 Prototype

  28. john Rohan Yu-Asensi says:

    This is modern group B

  29. Wankel Motor says:

    Can the slicks actually handle 450 km/h and still be that grippy in the corners? Have they molded a realistic tire compound?

  30. Banisher of Evil SOUL says:

    You should try downloading a model of the Red Bull X 2011 prototype, and then try to beat your own record with the Red Bull X 2010, 1500 horsepower is pretty impressive, there is just one problem, the x 2010's little brother, the X 2011, has 1556 bhp, and has a top speed of 556 km/h, plus it's lighter at 500kgs exactly, the X 2010 has less horsepower and has more weight, I think it has 25kgs more weight than it's little brother. I could be wrong about those figures but at the end of the day you're taking a car that is way quicker and handles better then the X 2010 around the nordschleife, so get back out there, get in the X 2011when you've downloaded a mod of it, and give us a really quick lap, meme: DO IT!

  31. Vex Wythe says:

    yeah sure but can you do 200cc mario kart

  32. dj7oya says:

    Reminds me of GRX racecar from Speed Racer cartoon, where the drivers who experienced the car would go crazy and shit themselves. I remember my brother once had a nightmare about it. He woke up and threw up right away.

  33. Kevin Karbonik says:

    It has no Hp, it's not a real car… it's a video game…

  34. Jack Smith says:

    ok im pretty natural at racing games takes a lot to shake me but…FU KING HEEEEEEEEEEELL that car is fast, that IS a challenge, that thing is seriously approaching the limit of what is humanly possible…in that im not sure a person could actually drive it in real life and reach its limit (G's and reaction might be too much), A special track would have to be made for it i suspect to allow a human to push it to the limit and actually keep it on the road and not blackout

  35. Sam Li Jie says:

    Looks like the formula e gen 2

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