ALZRC Devil 380 FAST RC Helicopter 3D Flight

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ALZRC Devil 380 FAST RC Helicopter.With flybarless head rotor set. 6061T aluminum precision CNC processing technic, equipped with silver-red present more high fidelity. Rotor head using 5mm-diameter spindle shaft and 8mm-diameter main shaft.With all-metal swashplate servo mount and improved with all-metal 5 fixed points motor mount.With FBL pros and cons linkage rod, metal dual-bearing swashplate.

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8 Responses

  1. vizzuleyes says:

    I hate this kind of flying, yeah it takes skill but I'll take a scale flight any day over this crap.

  2. Calypso AirFPV says:

    I wish people would just fly it like scale more. the 3d thing though insanely skillful…is just not all that interesting to watch.

  3. Michael Jenkins says:

    WOW!!! LOOK AT THIS!!!

  4. RCHeliJet says:

    Very nice Model from Switzerland all the Best for 2017

  5. Jakob says:

    That heli seems hysteric..

    Nahh ' way to femal'ish for me….

  6. skywalker rc says:

    Отличный полет!!!!))) но качество видео это нечто….

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