AGS in North Dakota

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Lineman: Jeremy Ware
Pilot: Adam Hammond

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40 Responses

  1. barbarino qintana says:

    Ur job sucks really how much u get paid 20 bucks and hr nahhhh

  2. gene snyder says:

    That’s nuts

  3. John Pelham says:

    The work of a true professional.
    Very efficient.
    Every thing in work platform organized.
    High respect from me . A tower veteran .
    operator: was on spot too
    stay safe Dude.

  4. ericynot says:

    There's two jobs that will sure as hell never be off-shored. Or, for that matter, become obsolete.

  5. pen mightygun says:

    you should seen me at work making turd milkshake putting a drop on a slide and looking for every parasite known to man in five minutes. I was a fecal tornado

  6. James Trotter says:

    You gotta put Alot of trust in that pilot. Extremely talented

  7. Travis k says:

    Dude is a stud.

  8. Iván Pérez says:

    shitty music

  9. pjdubyah29 says:

    Not only talented but very well dressed. Go Gamecocks

  10. Anton James says:

    What a cool job

  11. zig zigler says:


  12. Jack Priest says:


  13. Ogre Towman says:

    With hands like that you could surely have a fallback job in the NFL as a wide receiver but with the size of your balls you might have a hard time running Jeremy ! And Adams piloting skills have to be some of the best in the WORLD ! I'm sure your seat has been modified because you surely have the same problem as Jeremy , HUGE BALLS ! LOL Thanks for the video , you guys are truly unsung HEROES ! Great soundtrack ! Hey , stay safe out there ….

  14. של החוטאים הראשון says:


  15. TheInfinitequest says:

    Just WOW!!!

  16. Nunya Bizniz says:

    Amazing. Hats off to both.

  17. linglingjr says:

    Wonder how long they work together. I can't imagine trusting a pilot that much and being sandwiched against there for so long.

  18. L. Maynard says:

    I've always wanted to have this job. I painted electric towers for years and we climbed freely with no harnesses. I love heights and the rush associated with them.

  19. Ray Osteen says:

    we have dumb asses that cant put on armor rods out of a bucket at 40 ft.. nice

  20. william miller says:

    I have flown helos – private – this eggbeater jockey has the BEST control I have ever seen  MY HATS OFF TO YOU MATE

  21. Константин Руский says:

    это пиздец товарищи

  22. Theo Schutz says:


  23. Freerider Frank says:

    pretty slow must not be earning big

  24. George McFly says:

    Hell of a pilot. Hell of a team

  25. Candi Dali says:

    I have seen this being done live and was so blown away I pulled over on the side of the road to watch. I don’t know how the helicopter can get off the ground with the weight of these guy’s massive balls!

  26. Todd Tarum says:

    No thanks oh boy I would have passed out before ever making it to the pole. lol

  27. Иван Романов says:

    Уважуха,такие будут сотни лет жить.

  28. Jw Ghost says:

    Ibew . Good job dude. From a narrow back

  29. Af colombia says:

    Wow eso si es un trabajo extremo

  30. h3lldiv3r says:

    Removing the wheels and also adding more layers to the cable??

  31. Sneaky Fur Raider says:

    That pilot is amazing. The lineman’s trust for his pilot speaks volume

  32. Bill Britt says:

    Beautifully orchestrated dance

  33. Bi Bitoy says:

    oh, nice work.

  34. Larry the bald guy On the LEFT COAST says:

    Would be so nice to have narration and some kind of idea what exactly is being done here. Great way to make a living…when not windy!
    I'm sure that pilot is just as tense as the mechanic! WOW! Love it.

  35. Wesley Warren says:

    I'm a pilot … nope …. nope … nope … F-14's I have the need for speed.

  36. Martin Nicolas Selave says:

    I told you the Earth wasn't flat hahaha

  37. Edgar Bleikur says:

    Gloves and underwear, I wanna know what brand, they must be good…

  38. bryce bila says:

    This Kind Of Job Is What I Would Do Anything To Get Amazing Work!

  39. Enemigo de los falsos criminales says:

    Cámara con ojo de pez, la Tierra no es redonda, la Tierra es plana.

  40. Wilhelm VonRoefelz says:

    you're doing WHAT?!

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