355-foot 700 Ton Ship Flips

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RV FLIP (FLoating Instrument Platform) is an open ocean research vessel owned by the Office of Naval Research and operated by the Marine Physical Laboratory of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.The ship is a 355 feet (108 meters) long vessel designed to partially flood and pitch backward 90 degrees, resulting in only the front 55 feet (17 meters) of the vessel pointing up out of the water, with bulkheads becoming decks. When flipped, most of the buoyancy for the platform is provided by water at depths below the influence of surface waves, hence FLIP is a stable platform mostly immune to wave action, like a spar buoy. At the end of a mission, compressed air is pumped into the ballast tanks in the flooded section and the vessel returns to its horizontal position so it can be towed to a new location.The ship is frequently mistaken for a capsized ocean transport ship

FLIP is designed to study wave height, acoustic signals, water temperature and density, and for the collection of meteorological data. Because of the potential interference with the acoustic instruments, FLIP has no engines or other means of propulsion. It must be towed to open water, where it drifts freely or is anchored. In tow, FLIP can reach speeds of 7–10 knots.
FLIP weighs 700 long tons (711 tonnes) and carries a crew of five, plus up to eleven scientists. It is capable of operating independently during month-long missions without resupply,being able to operate worldwide but the normal area is the west coast of the United States. The vessel operates out of a home base at the Scripps Nimitz Marine Facility in San Diego, California.

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48 Responses

  1. shmikeyify says:

    Who left the door open?

  2. pesca litoral says:


  3. Daniel Price says:

    What do they even use this for

  4. Incognito Mode says:

    Well… Ship happens.

  5. Mark Paul Cards says:

    What is the point of this boat? I understand it's made to do that… but why?

  6. snellavision says:

    It's not a ship; it's a bouy

  7. Thanos the boy Helpp says:


  8. Class A Living says:

    boat.exe has stopped working

  9. Weird Wolfiee Art says:

    Welp that’s 1,400 lbs.

  10. Bonnie Plush Productions says:

    Looks like a spoon

  11. Ashlee says:

    I’m still in awe of how this works.

  12. Malformedllama says:

    That thing better have windows on the part that goes under, it’d be dope

  13. Need Your Channel says:


  14. Truckinstuff says:

    The Coast Guard has rescue boats that actually "Flip", this one is called Flip, but fills with water only to stand vertical and be a stable platform.the Coast Guard rescue ships are cooler. Check out video named Coast Guard training by ro7008… It does a flip and a barrel roll… -Peace

  15. William Esposito says:

    The Fear…

  16. Jayee says:

    It's not considered a ship since it's an oceanic research floating platform. Just like how you wouldn't call an oil platform a "ship".

  17. Ali masha Allah bohat khob surat Hassan says:


  18. Laheek Laheek says:


  19. Julie Thomas says:

    I worked on one in dry dock at the shipyard, the desk and chairs were bolted to the wall that becomes the floor when it flips.looks funny the first time you see one inside.

  20. L T HORNING says:

    Imagine how creepy it would be if you were in that ship at it started to flip and you started sliding down the deck.

  21. Aga Cene says:

    Anyone else here because of Soma?

  22. Steve Birks says:

    Wow thanks for sharing this ! Just watched a docu. About the life of waves !!! – And 'FLIP' was used in tracking waves but there was nothing more than a name drop & a snippet of a large ocean with a distance shot of flip doing its thing – but you could not see any detail – so er yeah! Thanks !

  23. stalhein61 says:

    Am I high or did that just happen?

  24. Name not found says:


  25. Mega construx maker says:

    Are you sure that thing is a boat XD

  26. rafi says:

    what the fuck did I just watch!?????

  27. Will Parker says:

    There is an abandoned boat like this in a boat scrapyard a few miles from New Orleans, Louisiana. It has been stripped of all the equipment so it is just the hull left.


    photo shoped

  29. גילה שושנה says:

    אין כמו מנו ספנות אוניה חזקה ועמידה

  30. John Nathan says:

    It's the camera that got flipped not the ship.

  31. MR BOLEUS says:

    Gentleman, it has been privilege having fun with you this afternoon…

  32. Rofikul Islam says:


  33. maquiavel says:

    Podiam fazer dezenas destes navios ,transforma-los em prisões flutuantes e,e encher de terroristas islâmicos ,e executa-los por afogamento bem devagarinho

  34. Trashy The Trashcan says:

    That's coool

  35. Alex-Natsu says:

    It's just like Titanic. :O


    dude, that's the craziest fuckin thing

  37. Wretched Slippage says:


  38. MR LEAN says:

    Boba fett anyone

  39. Anhilliator1 says:

    Ah, yes. The RP FLIP. A ship that is half submarine and half boat. Meant for research. When the ballast tanks are filled, the vessel becomes nearly immobile. Although this is cool, I'm still waiting for SeaOrbiter.

  40. Sydney Macaw says:

    It's sinking and there's no lifeboats

  41. plehese mihena says:

    0:53 those captions tho

  42. CHALLENGE BROS! says:

    I have been on this boat I am 100 percent not Kidding

  43. thanasis thomas 1 says:

    ………………………what. ………….the………….tack!!!!!!!!!

  44. Black Sheep says:

    Search it up! This is a research vessel designed to do this.

  45. Black Sheep says:


  46. jokez and gamez says:

    0:58 why is everyone cheering the boat is about to sink

  47. Halimo Said says:

    Subxana Allah

  48. Sea Sea says:

    patents vessle

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