25th Huey Helicopter (no music)

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Because many of you asked for a version of this video without the music.. Here it is!!

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  1. mikeecho33 says:

    Thank you for the post

  2. Beverly Anderson says:

    This RN loves the Huey- our medivac service flew a Huey every Sunday when our 222 went for scheduled maintenance -LOVED flying in her. All of our flight service pilots were chopper pilots who flew in Vietnam. Better have your seat belt snug of Sundays!
    Guess I was partial to her-my college beau in '73 was a CW3 chopper pilot. No clue why the Huey was not used by all medivac flight services. I preferred function over a "pretty" helicopter. The sound of a Huey is sweet music to my ears.

  3. undang shaleh says:


  4. Bharat Pawar says:


  5. Jani Ghaffor says:


  6. Sony Max says:

    with o

  7. كل شيء الهاشمي says:


  8. Ninja k says:

    This just screams Vietnam.

  9. vincenzo ceccarelli says:

    very very good sounds! thank you!:)

  10. Raditya Oka says:

    2:03 sound like same in the movie

  11. Fernando Palm says:

    For me the best chopter uh 1h "huey"…
    Excellent video no music TERRIFIC !!!

  12. Rudsamee Phetsawadsri says:


  13. Priyo Kuncoro says:


  14. chicco0304 says:

    GREAT SOUND!!!! 🙂

  15. William Togiatama says:

    Viet Cong won The Vietnam War. Victory to Communist North Vietnam. Respect lives lost during that war, sorry. Life and Death.

  16. William Togiatama says:

    The Pentagon USA:
    Is it true that over 5000 helicopters were lost during The Vietnam War?

  17. GUSTAF ROMANOV says:

    UH1 down?

  18. colstephens76 says:

    Every other helicopter is for wimps.

  19. Kiat Sakdina says:

    very expert ! specialize.

  20. Yannic B says:


  21. Judd Romano says:

    2018 and I still regularly visit this video

  22. Johncel Afroilan says:

    rockstar status!

  23. Ruediger Sonntag says:

    Excellent video, one of the best- its a pleasure watching

  24. Scarecrow108 (Ex-FSX now Trainz simmer) says:


  25. Alex Postma says:

    best sounding iconic helicopter ever. some years ago a huey landed at the helipad at the hospital where i work. what a sight that was and the sound was awesome! it came to pick up a patient, who's last wish was to take a ride in a huey again and have a last flight. that really brought tears into our eyes, but i am also thankfull we were able to do this. seeing that bird take off.. man…no words to describe it..

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