2011 Reno Air Races accident – Crash Animation

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On September 16, 2011, the annual, multi-day event known as the Reno Air Races took place with thousands of spectators coming to watch the event.

The Accident:
On the day of the accident, Jimmy Leeward was one of the contenders in the air race with his aircraft known as ‘The Galloping Ghost’, a North American P-51D Mustang. At the heat of the race, Leeward was in third place when suddenly the airplane had abruptly pitched up, inverted and then pitched down vertically and crashed into the tarmac at 400 miles per hour (650 km/h), in front of the grandstands where many people were sitting. Leeward was killed along with 10 others on the ground. A further 69 people were injured. During the investigation of the crash, the NTSB had discovered that many modifications were made to the plane, causing it to be lighter but also not as stable as once before. During the race, Leeward forced the plane to fly at 850km/h, faster than he had usually gone before, causing extreme stress to the airframe. This most likely caused one of the trim tabs on the tail of the plane to loosen and break off in flight, causing complete loss of control.

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  1. Rachna Jain says:

    Can you say me from where did you get this episode

  2. 757 simmeryt says:

    Its sad that 1/1000 people died in front of a air show

  3. Angus Lee says:

    2019 ?

  4. Rachna Jain says:

    Wow it's fantastic add others also

  5. Kenny Dang says:

    Salute leeward Jimmey

  6. Christopher Mathern says:

    I remember this one. I lived in vegas at that time and that was just a horrible crash. So sad

  7. RaptorRex352 Overlord says:

    666 views when I watched it

  8. Dragon Race says:

    Next please ČSA flight 540

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  10. marsel egan says:

    I didn't know such small parts on a plane can do such thing

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  12. SunnyFon says:

    1 like = prayer

  13. SunnyFon says:

    This episode was released on 2019
    Now do Cathay Pacific Flight 780

  14. lenny man says:

    No no no no NOOOOO

  15. plane crashes says:

    I know you gonna put this song.

  16. Airplane _Content says:

    Before I would like to explain remember, that this is my opinion and you Don't have to agree.Don't like on sad videos, sure it may offend or tick off a youtuber. But if its a sad, tragic event like this then dislike. That just shows that you don't like what Happened and showing respect to the tragic event. Thier is nothing wrong to dislike anybodys videos, unless its sad. Again, this is what my opinion is and what I think. You don't have to agree with me im just saying. Have a good day.

  17. Exciter says:

    Trim tab loss caused that?

  18. Student Gabrielbrent Abrea says:


  19. Dylan The Vintage & Antique Collector! says:

    Pls link to episode

  20. Thomas Aviation says:

    Sad accident

  21. knuckles memes do you know dae wae says:

    Give a like if u want a peaceful year

  22. Ruben Thomas says:

    Let me guess. The aircraft hit the ground so fast the fuel dispersed before it could ignite.

  23. Master Cristoles says:

    Where did you get that episode

  24. Infinity Sim says:


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