2 motors & 3 trans in ONE day! | This VW won’t stop!

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The World Cup Finals always has a ton of extremely hard working teams to get their race cars ready for battle! Year after year, Tony and the rest of these Volkswagen guys prove to us that they are absolutely one of those teams! This year at WCF they replaced their motor, and two transmissions to get al the way to the finals. They replaced the motor in a few hours and even swapped the transmissions in between rounds! These guys are INSANE!

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21 Responses

  1. Dodo M says:

    The only VW part in that thing, is just some body pannels.

  2. Tony Schloenvoigt says:

    VW lol…..VW is for kids. You need a Muscle

  3. Dj Lars says:

    Amazing Work!

  4. guy sumpthin says:


  5. Vance Vicente says:

    Just a VW being a VW! Lol Real nice while it lasts

  6. TAGSProle says:

    Built agu head obviously forged pistons an rods, and blowing stock cast blocks like it's going out of fashion haha. But surely they are running stock trans, the 5 speed is butter and will die after 300+bhp and the 6 speed will fare better but no way can that handle 1000 haha. They are single handedly making 1.8ts rare in the us

  7. Holzwurm _HD says:

    I think your Setup isn't the best if it destroys itself.

  8. xFlacksh0t says:

    That rx7 needs some suspension adjustemnts the way its jumping

  9. Chris Gardner says:

    I get the feeling the guy doesn't want y'all around…..

  10. Stephen Williams says:

    Gives a whole new meaning to leaving it all on the track.

  11. eu doar eu says:

    where the fck are tesla fans? 😛

  12. wined,dined& 69ed says:

    this guy and cleetus mcflarend NOOOOWWWWW

  13. Keagan Barnes says:

    Nobody realizes that pushing 1000hp is a lot harder in a 1.8 liter engine that say a 6.2 pushrod ls. This thing has 5 damn valves with a third intake valve being right in the middle and that isn’t even the first to go usually it’s incredible that the engine can even take close to the amount of abuse it is whether it’s a shit builder or not shots going to break.

  14. Adam C says:

    That fucking laugh.

  15. yucos eko says:

    not only just vw that cant die.. but 15 people work hard to

  16. K Digiacomo says:

    Maybe don't drink and race? Keep you from blowing up your shit… Badass car though

  17. Roy Martinez says:

    I’ll take a lost becuase the shifter broke it’s a good story to tell years later better then to say u miss a gear then beat yourself for it

  18. Junior 249 says:

    Badass ride…nuff said…

  19. Juan Pablo Rivera says:

    Floor panel came off? Must've been the manifold.

  20. Jon Hayes says:

    that Honda hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  21. J Mch says:

    Dudes laugh is funny

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