1978 Olds 98 Regency Two Door Sedan Maroon DaytonaSpeedway032815

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Very deluxe model,, Olds still could build them. Be grateful you weren’t the first to try the brand new GM diesel….be glad you had the time tested gas engine. I have a feeling that GM was trying to compete with Mercedes Benz at the time…but there was indeed no competition…GM bragged that there was no waiting for the diesel glow plugs…the GM diesel would start right up.
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  1. Raymond Haley says:

    This vehicle,introduced at the height of the disco era, it was style and elegance personified, the 5.7 gas engine technological wonder to say the least, no other car in gm,s stable had the performance,exceleration, ride and handling these cars had, best of all,they were ahead of their time.

  2. Marti Neps says:

    is this car still available or no

  3. Marti Neps says:

    are you looking to sell this car or are you just showing it comment back

  4. Raymond Haley says:

    When it comes to engines: 455 oldsmobile engines the large bodied models feel powerful and authoritative, 350 oldsmobile engines made 77-79 98s nimble easy to handle and such joy to drive, if you got a 98 with either one of these engines, you got a gold mine on wheels.

  5. everfaithfulone says:

    this car would be a 403 or oldsmobile 350 car most of these cars I come across have the 403 if I was to buy one these car when they where new I would go for the 350 olds cause 403 run hot because of pistons to big for a small block V8 so the coolant ports were to coolant passages being to small

  6. 1VaDude says:

    I had a 1978 Olds Ninety-Eight "LS" 2dr coupe (below the Regency trim level).  It was a jade green color with a white vinyl interior and a "Landau" roof.  403 V8, 4bbl, dual exhaust and a three-speed automatic transmission.

    I had the car for just over two years (1986 to 1988).  It was not that quick off the line, but the top speed (with the 2.73:1 rear axle) was incredible.  It truly was a lead sled to the core.  I ended up trading it on a brand-new 1988 Mustang GT when I graduated from college.  Doh!

  7. Ryan Howell says:

    Best Car Ever

  8. Karyn Felix-Angell says:

    These were soooo pretty at the time they made their debut. Luxury plus.. right after the gas crunch of "73! Time to get out of the sub compact, and stretch the legs in style! In reality… The gas crisis hadn't really gone away.. and car manufacturers were still looking for fuel efficiency. So.. Here comes the diesel engine for Oldsmobile! Whooops! That was a problem! A luxury car..fueling up with stinky diesel.. black streaks by the fuel filler.. The infamous "knock-Knock" sound coming from the engine compartment, and a haze coming from the tailpipe! That wouldn't look bad coming from a 4-wheel-drive Dodge Ram.. But not an Oldsmobile!

    This car is a trip down memory lane! Cars like this were the rage! Landau roof, Opera windows.. rectangular grilles and headlamps.. posh pillow-top seating.. Beautiful!! This has to be mostly original. The interior is perfect! The landau top is like new! Love the wire wheels!! Quite a find! Thanks Jack! 😀

  9. Andy Pittman says:

    Ah, yes, one of the last cars that you did not 'sit down' to drive, but rather 'sunk in' comfort to drive. Unfortunate the number of diesel units that were wasted by a short lifespan. As for the aftermarket wire wheels, I know those quite well. They were notorious for keeping clean. After many hours of brush scrubbing the base between the wires, I discovered you can spin the center piece counter-clockwise separating the wire segment from the base…voila, in 2 minutes you have a sparkling shine of pride!!

  10. califdad4 says:

    Hey Jack, I had the Buick Electra version of this, mine was a 77 and had White phony leather interior but it had a 350 Olds engine in it. It was a great car and I drove it till 1996.
    Of these,, I really liked the looks of the Olds 98, better than the Electra, but my Buick was nice, and I bought it from one of my Grandmothers in end of 1981 with 22,000 miles on it

  11. daniel lack says:

    Jack…I always felt for years, this was the car along with the top of the line buick electra, that you went with, even if you could comfortably afford The Caddy, if for whatever reason, you didn't want to be seen driving a caddy…you got a spectacular ride, with most if not all the gizmos available on the caddy, but you weren't accused of "showing off"..for instance if you were the owner/boss of a business, and you just weren't comfortable having your employees seeing you flaunting a caddy etc….

  12. gene978 says:

    Jack, the reason they never check my Pontiac out more carefully is I was a good friend with the salesmen and I always parked way down the lot it was a bitter cold February with a lot of snow and lots of wind and no one really wanted to go out and look at the car and the salesman knew I kept my cars in mint shape but he never heard the car running. LOL. We always took his car when we went out. After all the company was paying the gas. LOL

  13. Bob Grim says:

    I owned an '80 Olds Regency which I bought in the early '80's.
    An incredible car which handled surprisingly well and went down the road superbly. They were beauties.
    Thanks, Jack.

  14. gene978 says:

    I bought the diesel Waaaaaaaaa! And it was in 1981 in the Bonneville Brougham Sport Coupe. I insisted on the Diesel thinking they had fixed them by now! But of course they didn't and my $13,000 car was worth $5000 as soon as I drove it off the lot. And the Blue Smoke started at 7500 miles and 4th gear went. The Dealer said I didn't need 4th gear wasn't a big deal. Can you imagine? They had my car for MONTHS! It took 12 months before I tricked a dealer into trading it who thought it was a gas motor he just asked me if it had 8 cyl. I said YES of course! They never opened the hood on my trade for a '83 Dodge Charger 2.2 I got $9500 so it was a even trade what I owed. My phone was ringing when I got home. I said Papers are signed. SOrry 🙂

  15. Dave Stone says:

    Nice. The wheel covers are close to correct but not correct. That probably had the Olds 307 which was a pretty good engine. Ty Jack.

  16. 46619TAB says:

    Nice looking car. Simple lines but the eye is distracted by the body side rub strips and I kind of liked the 'landau roofs' and 'opera windows' that were the rage back in the day. The interior is a bit fussy but certainly 'front parlour' style and the dashboard is nice. GM was finally getting the hang of designing in the ineffectual mandated battering ram bumpers but NO idiot lights, I.E. daytime running lights, and dangerous air bags.

    Nice looking blast from the past, thanks Jack!!

  17. Jason Carpp says:

    Hey Jack. Nice looking Oldsmobile. I've never known anyone who had one. But I used to see these a lot when they were around. 🙂

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